Rao's Montessori Center

Educating Children for Life

Rao's Montessori Center.
(Educating Children for Life)

  • A Montessori Center for children between the ages of 3 and 6 years.

  • Director: Pratima Rao Suresh
  • Montessori education is a child directed program and the teacher is a guide who caters to each child’s needs and helps develop his or her potential. The Montessori System believes that the key factors in creating a supportive learning environment are observation, analysis and then planning activities for the children based on their readiness. The teacher exposes children to different ideas and let them discover on their own. The main attributes of Montessori System are freedom to choose, learning by hands on exploration and discovering rather than learning by strict guidance and instructions. The specially designed self-correcting Montessori Materials make abstract thinking clear and concrete.

    In a Montessori setting, children mainly learn by observation, imitation and absorbing from the environment. They also learn by repeatedly carrying out a task until they achieve success and satisfaction. The main goal of this method is to help children achieve a sense of order, concentration, coordination and independence. The different areas in a prepared environment of a Montessori Classroom, with the teachers as guides, help children achieve this goal.

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