Rao's Montessori Center

Educating Children for Life

About Us

An ideal Montessori Center (Full Member of the American Montessori Society) providing exclusive, individualized attention with a small class size. (5 to 1 student teacher ratio) Parents’ participation encouraged.

Our Mission

We opened this small center in an ideal location for a joyful learning experience where children can observe, experiment and question. Our mission is to follow and spread the Montessori Philosophy in the community. We use innovative teaching techniques and materials that are consistent with the Montessori Philosophy and provide learning opportunities that support their intellectual, social and personal development. We also encourage active participation by the parents.

Our Philosophy

  • To create a safe, secure, nurturing and prepared classroom environment that encourages scientific thinking and learning, cultivates a sense of order, fosters independence, stimulates curiosity and excitement.
  • To lay the foundation for good character development, good manners and courteous behavior.
  • Most importantly, to make learning fun for children!!!