Rao's Montessori Center

Educating Children for Life

Ashley Tekaram-Sawh: "Mrs. Pratima is THE BEST TEACHER ever!!! My two children graduated from her class tonight and I am elated!!! Thank you, Mrs. Pratima. You are gifted and smart! Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge with my children. Follow your dream...:) God bless you always!"

Parul Gandhi: " My daughter goes to Miss Pratima's class and she loves her more than she does me . I'm happy that my daughter is lucky to have a teacher like her who puts her students(kids for miss pratima) first and gives them the same love and care which they get from their parents alongwith making learning really fun for them. My daughter always tells me one thing that "miss pratima does it better" and i'm happy that she's blessed with a teacher like her".

Poornima Sriram: "Blessed are the kids to have you as their teacher...I envy them :)"

Sonali Amondikar: "Ms.Pratima is an awsome teacher! My 5 yr. old daughter, Nikita, simply loves learning in her classroom. Ms. Pratima doesn't tell ... rather she explains and more importantly she demonstrates. Apart from numbers, maths, writing and reading skills, my daughter has learned a lot of new things related to Geography, Science etc. Ms. Pratima's passion and interaction with kids inspires a lot of confidence in Parents. We see that it is with same passion and enthusiasm, Rao's Montessori school is shaping up. ... Nikita is really lucky to have such a nice and a very capable teacher/guide/mentor/friend in her early schooling days. Sincerely believe that many more tiny tots should get such a teacher. "

Meera Upadhyaya: "Your innate love for children and your expertise in Montessori method of teaching will make your school outshine many, many schools! Good Luck!!"

Shanti Narvekar Shirodkar: "Dear Ms. Pratima, Greetings of the day and Best Wishes. This is to express my gratitude and to send million thanks to you for grooming Samartha so well that he is finding passion in learning and also in the creative pursuits. Your ‘Rao’s Montessori Center’ is helping develop children’s potential. Kids find it fun learning in your montessori because you are giving them freedom to explore. That’s the best way to develop their enthusiasm for learning. You are not just a teacher but an awakener. Intellectual growth is supposed to commence in the first few formative years of the kids and I feel pride to say that you are training the minds of these kids and teaching them how to think which will stand in good stead for them in their adult years. It’s said that Education is not preparation for life but it is the life itself. Here is wishing you all the best in your noble endeavour. Samartha is so very fond of you and Mr. Suresh. I am grateful to have you as his teacher. Thank you so much for all you do for us and kids."

Sumana Shenoy: "Thank you so much Ms Pratima for the wonderful graduation Party.Kids are blessed to have you as their teacher.Aditi learnt so many new things in your school and She says "Ms Pratima is the best teacher ever "and we absolutely agree with that .Thank you so much for your unconditional love towards kids and parents . Happy Parents, Sumana and Dayanand."

Chetana Hegde: "I am very happy to know that Raos montessori school kids have gotten many awards, Kudos to you.Being a talented teacher Miss Pratima, you bringout the talents of the kids through your unique method of teaching.I appreciate the way you teach and share your knowledge with kids.You conduct all types of activities in your montessori .I like your educational and funloving activities.You conduct educational picnic often along with kids parents.I loved that idea. Keep going like this.May god bless you.May your montessori's kids exel in everway and bring name and fame to your school.Basic foundation is vry important. You are giving such a strong foundation to your kids.With best wishes and warm regards. All the best."

Poornima Sriram‎: "To the World You are a teacher but to your students you are a HERO! As all good things come has to come to an end, my little one's pre school years at Rao's Montessori School has come to an end today. She was a baby when she was enrolled at your school but now is a confident girl who is ready to meet the challenges the world has for her. Her personality was craved by you. More than developing a child academically you put 100% of your efforts to make sure they are developed in all phases like music, general knowledge to name a few. You have laid the best foundation for my daughter to build her castle of life. When the foundation is so strong I am sure all your kids will build huge strong castles. I am very sad that my routine for three years has come to an end. Not only for Nithishti but even for me you had been a person with whom I was sharing everything daily. I am really going to miss all those days. You were a teacher for most of the parents too smile emoticon.Thank you so much for everything and do keep in touch. Nithishti loves you and Mr. Suresh."

Sumana Shenoy: "Today is Aditi's last day in montessori and i don't have enough words to thank Ms Pratima .You are a very special person and we all love you so much .You are truly a god's gift to us ,you always taught kids how to behave and how to respect others apart from the academic studies .Thank you soo much for all the things you did ,you cared for all the kids you fuffed up their wings and taught them good lessons and wonderful things .As a teacher there is so much to impart and you have forever touched our heart .Aditi adores you very very much .You are not only a worlds bestest teacher a child could asked for but also a mother to all the kids .Aditi had learned to assert herself and she is not afraid to show it and all the credit goes to you .She is much more confident in everything she does and you played a biggest role in that .I am not a good writer but i really appreciate the things you did for the kids and you always address them as "your friends".Kids are blessed and lucky to have you as a teacher .Hatts off to your expertise in teaching kids .Thank you for all the advice and knowledge you shared with me everyday .It was a joy to meet you everyday .2 years went by so quickly thank you so much for sharing wealth and knowledge with all the kids .Lots of love and respect from me and my family."

Ritika Bansal Garg: "I whole heartedly agree with Sumana, that Ms. Pratima is a god's gift, especially to Tanysh. You are the perfect person, perfect teacher and a wonderful personality to whom I came to know.. You not only make them study but enrich their hearts and souls too. Thanks Ms. Pratima. Can't wait to start a new year with you.."

Sulekha Karki‎: Two years went by so quickly... We can't believe, tomorrow is Anjali's last day at Rao's Montessori. It was more than a school to her, her second home. She loved Ms. Pratima very much! It is a place where Anjali has learnt, not only to read,write and math skills, she has also learnt to be independent and make decisions at such a young age. She has graduated Kindergarten and her strong foundation has prepared her well for her new elementary school. We are very thankful to Ms. Pratima who has touched her life as well as our family!


Prachi Shrivastava: Dear Mrs Pratima,Where do i began, Probably before the school year started when i heard such nice things about you and the school, based on popular opinion we expected great things this year and it did happen. Ananya my 4 year old daughter at your school always has positive things to say about the class, the way you teach, new experiments you do and the list is endless .Its very comforting to know that Ananya is getting a safe environment , Great education and Personal attention because of the limited number of students. Thank you so much for being an excellent educator .We know teacher like you are very rare to find. We appreciate your valuable time ,your patience ,your ability to make learning interesting for kids and your beautiful smile. Ananya will always cherish very good memories of you Ms Pratima and the school even when she is grown up. We will miss you a lot. Best wishes ~ Avinash & Prachi Shrivastava

Priya Mathur: Rao's montessori Center was like a blessing in disguise for my son Raghav. When he joined this school for Kindergarten, only thing he knew was how to color and play, when he graduated, he was very fluent in reading, writing, basic maths and science and beside that a good sense of his surroundings. I thank Ms Rao for being such a great teacher and a guide for Raghav..........Priya Mathur